It seems I am always trying to create the perfect beach wave, no matter the season. Luckily, this fall I have finally found the perfect wand for the job … the S1 Beachwaver! The wand is so simple to use, it practically does all of the work for you!


The steps are quite simple to achieve the perfect tousled beach-hair look!

Beachwaver   Beachwaver

First, grab a 1-inch section of your hair {grabbing from random places will create a natural-beach look}. About 1-inch from the end of your hair, place the miniature iron clip on the hair and point the wand straight up.

Beachwaver   Beachwaver

Next, push the arrow-button that points away from your face, the wand will begin to rotate spiraling the hair around. Once you reach the top, let sit for 5-10 seconds {depending on the thickness of your hair} and then release hair.

Beachwaver  Beachwaver

Continue these steps until all of your hair is curled. The last step is to run your fingers through your hair to break up the pieces and spray with hairspray for a longer lasting hold … then you are done!

Beachwaver   Beachwaver

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