Baby Doll Lashes

Baby Doll Lashes DIY

Tis’ the season full of parties, Fa la la la la, la la la la, which can be completely captivating or totally daunting. Either way, looking your absolute best is a must. So I have teamed up with Ulta Beauty and People Style watch to create a tutorial for timeless baby doll lashes that are sure to make you the belle of the ball.

I begin by creating a baby-soft complexion. It is important to remember, it is Winter, so keep your foundation on the lighter side (if you feel too pasty, contour lightly with bronzer). A lighter complexion will give you a glowing timeless allure.


1. I blend It Cosmetics CC Cream by wetting a beauty blender ever so lightly and dabbing the foundation around my face. I pay special attention to my under eyes to reduce the  appearance of dark circles.
2. I finish my CC Cream with a light layer of It Cosmetics Air Brush Perfecting Powder.
3. If I still feel my dark circles are noticeable, I lightly dab on a small amount of Bye Bye Under Eye with the beauty blender.
4. To complete my face, with a beauty blender I dab It Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination (one shade darker) on my cheek bones/apple of my cheeks, hairline and tip of my nose.

After I have completed a baby doll like complexion, I start on my eyes. Since my main focus is baby doll like lashes aka feathery and full lashes that look real (because they are!), I keep eye shadow to a minimal even though the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Pallet has so many lush worthy colors.


1. First, I cover my entire lid with shade ‘Love‘.
2. Next, I add a small bit of dimension by highlighting under my eye-lid bone (starting in the middle of my eye and moving out to the corner ending with a wing) with shade ‘Soft Light
3. Then, I highlight underneath my eyebrow and the inner corners of my eyes with shade ‘Transforming Pearl‘.
4. Finally, I apply my mascara –no falsies needed! To create a full natural lash, I take the It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara (this stuff is magic!) wand and begin at the base of my lash on the underneath and slowly wiggle it up to the tips. I repeat this process to add volume at the base and lengthen my lashes until I achieve my desired result. If I see any ‘spider leg’ lashes beginning to form, I carefully comb them out with an eyelash brush.
5. After my mascara has dried, I heat up an Eye Lash Curler with my blow-dryer and curl my lashes (be careful here — test the end of the curler with your finger before putting it on you eyelashes, you don’t want to burn yourself. I normally warm mine up for about 5 seconds, it feels warm but not hot).
6. After curling my lashes and doing my hair, I decide if any eye liner is needed to give my eyes an extra pop. If so, I add a thin line from the outside of my eye to the middle, no wing necessary.

&& to complete the look (as many dance recitals have taught me) I add a dash of color to my lips. My go to gloss to complete a timeless baby doll  lash look is It Cosmetics CC+ Lip Serum Gloss that is a shade darker than my natural color.

Baby Doll Lashes DIY

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