Off The ‘Cold’ Shoulder

This time of year really shouldn’t be so difficult to dress for. However, Mother Nature has blessed us with unseasonably warm temps. Here in the Southeast, temperatures neared 70 degrees, in the Midwest temperatures recently reached 50 degrees, so I can only assume what a treat the rest of the country was in for.


Many of us jumped for joy  at the opportunity to put away our winter jackets and accessories, while simultaneously feeling a bit overwhelmed deciding what to wear. Do you dress for winter or do you dress for spring? What happens when you can’t pass up sitting on the patio for dinner because it feels fantastic outside but the sun sets and you have an exaggerated fear of hypothermia because you didn’t wear a jacket over your chic tee?

My simple answer: off the shoulder knit sweater with a dainty bralette. The small holes between the sweater knitting will allow in a breeze to cool you down during the day. To add a chic allure, drop the sweater off of your shoulder (which will also cool you down).

Still want to sit on the patio for dinner? No problem. Once you begin to feel a chill, adjust your sweater to cover up your shoulder and strategically place you hair to cover any other bare skin (like this V back).


Until Next Time,