Rejuva Minerals Review

Rejuva Minerals Review

Rejuva Minerals Review

Time to Tidy Up & Clean Up

What is it about Spring that prompts a subconscious desire to tidy-up? Maybe it is the sight of budding trees? Or is it the aroma of spring’s earliest blooms? Or could it be the chipper songs of the cheerful birds? Whatever it may be, this year it awakened a deep desire within me to not only spring clean, but to clean up and create a simpler lifestyle.

I set out on the simplicity journey when the air was still brisk and a friendly groundhog was threatening six more weeks of winter, but I didn’t care, I had a new pep in my step. It didn’t take long before I hit a speed-bump, in fact, it was during my first stop, exploring my makeup bag. At first glance, I saw pure clutter [why did a girl who doesn’t contour have a contouring kit and why does she need 3 mascaras?]. Although purchasing and wasting too many products was a problem I was hoping to correct, the bigger concern was hiding behind minuscule print also known as the list of ingredients.

When I began to actually read the list of ingredients, I experienced a bit of shock . I can only place the blame on myself for not reading the ingredients sooner, but why on earth was retinyl palmitate in my CC cream? Without further adieu, I immediately tossed my favorite CC cream in the trash and have never looked back.

Time to Research

It would have been much easier to jump-the-gun and assume all of the chemicals in my makeup were potentially harmful to my health, but, I wanted to learn. So, the next stop on my journey was researching each and every chemical listed as an ingredient in my favorite products. Before long, I grew exhausted from evaluating each one, and after a bit of web-surfing, I landed on numerous websites that evaluate product safety.  My favorite locations eventually emerged as: the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and the Think Dirty App.

Now that I had a faster way of validating the safety of my products, I began looking each one up, and to make a long story short, I was horrified of the potential dangers that stemmed from repeated use. After learning what was lurking within my everyday makeup products, I decided to go sans makeup while I looked for a new trustworthy brand. After a few days I was amazed to discover Rejuva Minerals, which has over 40 products that are EWG Verified (meaning: they avoid EWG’s ingredients of concern, provide full transparency, and use good manufacturing practices) AND all products listed within the Think Dirty app are rated 0 (meaning: products does not contain any ingredients which have a documented potential negative health impact).

Rejuva Minerals Review          Rejuva Minerals Review

Time for Simpler Cleaner Makeup

The day I found Rejuva Minerals, I felt like my simpler and cleaner makeup bag prayers had been answered… but, admittedly, I was quite skeptical that I would like these products enough to use them everyday.

Over the past month, I have embarked on the ‘fun part’ of this makeup clean-up journey. I have been testing out the Rejuva Minerals EWG Verified/Rated 0 products in order to write an honest Rejuva Minerals Review. I am pleased to report, they are passing with flying colors, so much so, I can’t imagine my makeup routine without them.

As a girl who favors simple everyday makeup but loves to get dolled up for special occasions, the reasons why I love these products are: they are lightweight with beautiful pigments, they can be quickly applied for a simple day of running errands or they can be built up to a full face for date night, however, the icing on the cake, (aside from their cleaner safer ingredients) is that I can wear these products at the office all day and then head to dinner/workout and by the time I get home they don’t feel thick on my skin or break me out.

In summary, I can’t find one thing I do not like about this brand and am so grateful for the ladies over at Rejuva Minerals for sending me the below products (EWG Verified & Rated 0) which helped me clean up and simplify my beauty routine!

Rejuva Minerals Review          Rejuva Minerals Review

Mascara: Mega Lash  | Multi Purpose Pressed Powder for Eyes & Face: White DiamondMocha Latte‘, Moonless NightBrazilian Brown & Acai Berry | Concealer: Natural | Natural Look Pressed Powder Foundation: Sand & Nude | Primer/Finisher/Dry Shampoo: Multi Task | Pur’ Lips Moisturizing lipstick: Champagne on Ice | Vegan Brushes:  High Def BukiChisel & BlendHighlightAngle liner, Petite FaceShadow SmudgeAll Over Lid, & Crease

Time to Play – My Rejuva Minerals Office Beauty Steps

Pre-Step: Cleanse face, apply Aloe Gel (let dry), apply a light layer of Shea Butter to add a bit of glow

  1. Apply Pressed Powder Foundation (in Nude) over entire face using the Petite Face brush. Next, also with the Petite Face brush, lightly apply Multi Purpose Pressed Powder (in Mocha Latte) as bronzer to the edge of hairline & underneath cheek bones.
  2. Apply Concealer (in Natural) underneath eye to top of apple of cheek and swipe up towards ears using the High Def Buki brush. Also lightly swipe over eyelids to even skin tone before applying eye shadow. **This concealer is ‘hands up’ emoji. It can double as a natural looking highlighter too**
  3. Lightly apply Multi Purpose Pressed Powder (in Acai Berry) to the apple of cheeks with Chisel and Blend brush.
  4. Apply 1-3 coats of Mega Lash Mascara until reaching desired length and thickness.
  5. Apply 1 coat of Multi Purpose Pressed Powder (in White Diamond) to entire eye lid. Next apply Multi Purpose Pressed Powder (in Brazilian Brown) to crease of eye. For both colors use the highlight brush (the angle makes creating a ‘smoky/wing’ effect on the lid + crease a bit easier).
  6. Apply a thin line to upper and lower eyelids with Multi Purpose Pressed Power (in Moonless Night) with the Angle Liner brush. For a more dramatic line, wet the brush first (water or saline solution will do the trick).

BONUS – For longer days apply Primer (Multi Task) to entire face with the Petite Face brush (to keep your makeup flawless for hours on end). For special days  finish with Moisturizing Lipstick (Champagne on Ice).


Rejuva Minerals Review