The Perfect Summer Romper


As August sneaks up on us, you can make a fair assumption that the temperatures are hot … everywhere, which is why I think it is so important to have a perfect summer romper in your wardrobe, that you can toss on and go! Especially for impromptu date nights, like this one at Anis Bistro.


Paolo and I are obsessed with sitting on Patios. This may be because we are from the north and are accustomed to about 3 months of Patio weather, and now that we get almost 6 months, we take full advantage of it. During the summer months, an impromptu date night generally begins with P or myself saying, ‘Hey, let’s go to a Patio to celebrate … ‘(fill in the blank). We celebrate a lot of things, because why not?!


On our way home from work last week, P suggested a celebratory vino date night at one of our favorite neighborhood hidden gems, Anis Bistro.  It is one of our top places in Atlanta, not only because the food is delicious, but because the ambiance is one of a kind. I have never been to Europe, but I imagine dining there would feel a lot like it does at Anis.


The outdoor decorations create a small-town feel (how great are these bikes?!) with extra foliage to create an ‘off the beaten path feel’. Surprisingly, we have never been inside the restaurant dining room, we always sit on the patio. The patio is very inviting and feels like you are in your own backyard, so beware, that bottle of wine might disappear quicker than you anticipated!


The humidity brought the temperature above 100 degrees that night, but we didn’t care, we wanted to sit outside (they have fans to cool you down) so I wore the perfect summer romper.  The material is light and the elastic waist makes the romper very movable. The neckline creates an optical illusion for toned shoulders and the open back adds a bit of allure, perfect for a date night!


O U T F I T details

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Upon our waiter greeting us, Paolo ordered a bottle of our favorite wine, Sirah, and then I asked the waiter for a glass of ice cubes. He looked at me, and politely nodded. I know he was shocked I was asking such a thing (I took a wine course in college and learned the importance of temperature and grape) but I truly love iced Sirah! I am not sure when it all started, but I can’t drink Sirah at room temperature anymore! The plan was to share a bottle of wine, but the calamari is too wonderful to pass up. So our date night turned into a wine and app night.


 Does anyone else love their Sirah (or any reds) ice cold?

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